Songwriter. Marketing Writer. A Melodious Combination.

Songwriter and Lyricist Carla Rose Fisher

Carla Rose Fisher is the writer behind Saidandsung.

Hi, I’m Carla Rose Fisher. Welcome to

I write crackling, on-point digital content with a marketer’s eye, a UX eye, a designer’s eye and my I-Spy editor’s eye. Four eyes, I know, but since I wear contacts and glasses, that’s about right. I also write songs.

A Content Writer Who Sings? A Songwriter Who Writes Content? How’s That?

My spidey sense for lyric-driven songs infuses everything I write with creative electricity. Even non-musicalized words have rhythm, so I create value messages that move to the beat of your target — content that engages and persuades.

The Goods on My Services
Clever copywriters are a dollar a dozen (ah, inflation), but the challenge is to make the copy flow naturally, reinforcing your brand clearly and seamlessly in your voice. My bonus skill? I’m a veteran editor, so the content I complete for you is always tight and tidy.

All of my digital marketing moving parts work in unison, each reinforcing the other in ways that excite the reader, the site visitor, the listener:

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